how to make paneer at home (1)

How to make paneer at home

how to make paneer at home

Paneer is the most favourable and Indian traditional cheese which is used by many Indian people in their homes. However, not only in India there are some other countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal use paneer in their homes to make some amazing and delicious paneer recipes dishes. 


Paneer is a huge and excellent source of protein for vegetarian it is also known as the chicken for them. so, in Indian families, people prefer to make paneer at home and in this article, we will get to know that how to make paneer at home.



Whole Milk: 1 Litre

Lime Juice: 4-5 Tablespoon

Steps to make paneer at home

1)    Pour the whole milk in the pot and let the milk to boil on medium heat. After the first boil maintains the temperature of the milk and lets the milk boil on medium heat.

2)    Now add lime juice in the boiling milk slowly and mix it with milk with the help of spoon after some time the milk started curdling.

3)    Now let this cool for minimum 30 minutes and then use a cotton cloth and pour the entire curdle milk on that cotton cloth. Squeeze the cloth and remove the excess water and then hang it for a minimum of 2 hours.

4)    After 2 hours take out the paneer from the cotton cloth and then cut it into required shape and size and your homemade paneer is ready to use.

What can I Use Instead of Paneer?

Well, there is no such replacement of paneer still found but some people are using tofu instead of paneer so, you can also use tofu instead of paneer.

Why Does Paneer Not Melt?

Well, there is a specific chemical process because the acid we added in the milk while making the paneer is bound the paneer molecules together that is why the paneer does not melt.

How do you Tear Milk for Paneer?

It is just a simple paneer making process you can use the above steps to tear the milk for paneer.

Is Halloumi The Same as Paneer?

Yes, they are a substitute to each other however, you cannot say that both are the same thing because paneer is rich in acid where is Halloumi has no acid.

Is Cheese curd same as paneer?

Yes, the paneer and the cheese curd are the same things. You can use cheese curd as the substitute for paneer.

Is Tofu Cheaper than paneer?

Tofu is made up of soya whereas paneer is a dairy product so it means the paneer is expensive whereas tofu is cheaper.

Are Mozzarella and paneer the same?

No, mozzarella cheese and paneer are the two most different thing, you can use mozzarella in pizza or sandwiches but you cannot it as a substitute for paneer.

Is Feta Same as Paneer?

No, Feta and paneer both are different things whereas feta is aged but paneer is not aged. Paneer is used as fresh.

Can I Substitute Halloumi for paneer?

Yes, you can use Halloumi as a substitute for paneer.

What is the difference between cottage cheese and paneer?

Well, there is only one specific difference that is the paneer is unsalted whereas the cottage cheese is salted.

Do Vegans Eat paneer?

Yes, Paneer is a completely vegetarian product so, vegan can eat it.

Is Cheese and Paneer Same thing?

Yes, cottage cheese and paneer are the same things, you can use both of them as a substitute the basic difference between them is cottage cheese is salted whereas paneer is unsalted.

Does paneer cause gas?

Yes, sometimes if the paneer does not get digested properly then it may cause gas and acidity.

Does paneer cause constipation?

Yes, if it is not getting completely digested then it may cause constipation.

Does paneer cause acidity?

Yes, paneer can cause acidity if it has digestive issues.

Does paneer cause acne?

No, it’s a protein-rich product hence it will not cause any acne problem.

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